Guide to Maximize Your Advertising Spending

According to a leading media agency in the UK, an ideal advertising strategy should combine the best of offline and online media to derive maximum returns. Both mediums cannot function in isolation and small and medium sized businesses should not target just one medium but harness the power of both for better eCommerce results.Statistics indicate that online sales are on the rise as people can now shop any time of the day and night from the comfort of their homes. In this scenario, it is best for companies to spread out their advertising spend across the online media and print media as well to drive traffic to their website. Though small and medium sized online retailers can opt for PPC campaigns to increase traffic to their website, they should also take into consideration the other option of placing classified advertisements in the newspapers and magazines that have a wide circulation.For example, companies can place classified ads in the weekend supplements of leading newspapers in the UK. The supplement pages are browsed by a dedicated group of consumers who are actually looking for bargains or products and services to purchase online. So one need to simply place a well drafted classified advertisement in these national newspapers, clearly mentioning the URL of their website so that the consumers can log on to the website and make their purchases.Here it is also important to point out why online retailers should advertise on the dedicated pages of the media agencies that appear in the leading newspapers in the UK. These pages, over the years, have built up enormous reputation and readers know that this is where they can find advertisements for the best online bargains. Also, these pages appear on weekends when people have enough time to browse through the advertisements at their own leisure.Now suppose instead of advertising in the print media, online companies focus their advertising spend on purchasing advertising slots on radio and TV. The disadvantage in this case is that their target consumers may not have their TV or radio on when the advertisement is being aired.Based on experience, a leading ad agency in the UK suggests that it makes more sense for small and medium-sized businesses to advertise in the newspapers and magazines not only because is it cheaper but it gives the time factor advantage to the consumers where they can browse through the newspapers any time they want.According to one of the media agencies, there are many companies who prefer to focus their advertising spend on PPC campaigns and other online strategies. The disadvantage, according to them, is that these companies would have to pay even for those clicks that do not convert into sales. So when companies do a comparative cost and sales analysis of online and offline media advertising, they may find that offline advertising scores over online advertising. This is not to say that online advertising does not work at all.Therefore, online companies should do a careful analysis of both the mediums and then decide on maximizing their advertising spend.